Linggo, Disyembre 9, 2007

for a soulful wind i once have

Because of you I can go now
face the cruel world
stand proud above all
I have experienced how to fall
Lay freely and kissed the ground
Close my eyes and rest
Feel for a moment the darkness
Listen as the earth trembles
While my heart cautiously throbs
Pounding deep within like a drum roll
butterfly roaming in my stomach
a kangaroo seems to be jumping tirelessly
before I envelope the day silently
I will converse to thee
confess what my heart felt
from the very first time
when my eyes met yours
the very minute that I plummet
but now youre gone
you left me all alone
all I could say
'am I left with other choice?'
Guess I have to utter
cause I believe
it is the appropriate time
i'll whisper these words through the winds

"Ani ohev et otha..."

...i know, i've cried a lot before
but now i'm still in tears
rivers to cry more
and up to now my heart still fears
I have to abscond
stand from where I am lying
stand from where I fall
move on just to make sure
and always bear in mind
Youre once in my life
Was in my dreams
Forever will be here
...inside my very heart

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