Sabado, Disyembre 15, 2007


when will i ever savor the day that i will not be away
from you...
in my dreams?in my mind?or the die that i will die
and be an angel to guide you?
you might not know how i really long to be with
to be captivated by your warm embrace...your
sweet caress...
you might not believe nor give importance to what i
truly feel but i have laid all my cards(,")
nothing more, nothing less...
i dont care if i fail this test
for all that matters to me now is to give all my
i might run out of words at times
my poems will be not fair with rhymes
whatever worst things that will come
this all the totality and sum
it all boils down to only one

"Me tula prem karto"

remember that for all i care,
for all i know...
my world is now better since i have
known you...
and for that i would like to thank you.

*during my first year in college

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