Sabado, Disyembre 15, 2007


Days are starting with a frown on my face
My eyes keep on asking if I can handle this case
Youre now far away and its a big blow
This world I have will fall down, that I know
Clouds are not anymore seen hanging in the sky
I feel theyre hiding and I dont know why
Even the leaves and flowers are very unusual
Somethings missing in their everyday ritual
Look at the surrounding theyre not the way they used
to be
Birds dont fly around and sing within a tall tree
Ms. Wind is getting lazy she rarely makes her trip
While Mr. Suns rays hit my skin like a whip
It really hurts me so the day you walk away
If I could only forget you that easy wish I may
But its really hard to do like a habit I had
The idea of letting go will really make me bad
Slowly, tears are falling down my cheeks
This happens every night now for a couple o weeks
I let myself de drown by all of my make beliefs
Im a good adviser but I cant give myself any tips
If you could hear me now please come to my heart
And again lets make a brand new start
Or at least bring back our friendship to be exact
I couldnt ask for anything but you and thats a fact
Please return now to me my very special lady
Lets restore the surrounding we painted with beauty
The painting is not perfect without you in sight
Youre a true work of art in the picture of my

*created during my high shool days...

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