Sabado, Mayo 31, 2008

as i write this lines

as i write this one
i close my eyes
reminisce about the past
the things we usually do
those times I feel sorry
for causing a tear to drop
from thy own thine eyes
moments that feels like
we’re walking on clouds
how I yearn to touch the rainbow
hold their sparkling colors
and offer them to you
as different flowers falling like rain
being showered unto us while
we’re walking holding hands
and I pronise never ti let go
…of you
Not until you ask me to
While I write this lines
I slowly open my eyes
To see light
Witness your splendid-ness
However, what I have is darkness
Twilight that envelops my world
Mourning with lunar dust
It seems that my fate
Was scrawled in the dark sky
The live I seek would never come
I will never find
And as I write this sad lines
Its thee I think of

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