Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008

a feeling of beauty

if michaelangelo would have seen you before Monalisa
i'm sure he would have painted you insted of her in front of Pisa
if Zeus myth was real this very day
seeing you will let Him follow whatever you say

you're so beautiful my muse inside and out
every adonis will surely fall for you and thats do doubt
please hear this simple song my heart is playing
forget the croaking voice just feel the message unfolding

it's like a simple yet elegant rose in a pot
the room is limited but the sky within is not
sooner or later its roots will grow deep
am prayin' you'll take care of it and in your heart please do keep

it may not offer any sweet fragrance not at all
the height it will fathom may not be that tall
but having me will surely make a big difference
i hope that somehow someday it will make sense

-orly oboza

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