Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008


I just saw and realize I’m looking at the horizon
Nothing so important, nothing so special to mention
My eyes keep on extending its limited reach
While my heart tells something for my mind to teach

Suddenly smoke came clouding over my tired eyes
The sight now turns blurred and beyond my cries
No matter how hard I try to see what lies beneath
There’s always a hindrance to fight and survive the

No birds flying and exploring the used-to-be blue sky
Fish swims no more in the sea cause its already dry
Trees are gone to sway as the wind come whistling
And the nature’s hymn can’t be heard sweetly playing

I let myself be awaken from the scary scene
Pause for a moment and think of a way to offer a win
But all I can give were the usual useless tears
That somehow I know has cast away my fears

-orly oboza

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