Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008

my vow

I haven’t heard anything from you
And I cry because my world has no hue
It’s sad to know that these tears are falling
While everything around seems to be changing
You’ve been a friend to me that I know
And a message from you never makes me low
Rather it brings me into a simple smile
I feel happy for that for quite a while
All of the pains and heartaches suddenly disappear
It seems to me that they were put into tears
All were wiped out and everything were cleanse
I knew you’re my fortress, a very solid fence
“Friend” that will always be there for me
Though we’re far away and we seldom hear and see
My prayers will jeep you always fine
Your friendship will be kept in this heart of mine
My pillow knows how I long for that say
That we could meet in person that I pray
I don’t know when and I can’t tell how
But whatever happens our friendship will be my vow

-orly oboza

**tulang katha noong katanghalian ng pagkakalalang ng may akda.

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