Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008

once in a while

this life has always been one long journey
An issue for power, fame and even money
But the best of it all and always stands out
The love that can be seen and heard thru one’s mouth
Love that can be felt from hearts that shout
That’s the very reason why having you is a gift
A blessing in this expedition always on a shift
The road may be long and rocky sometimes
Sharp curves may be in this trip of different rhymes
Scenery may not be pleasant for the eyes to see
I don’t care at all as long as you’re near me
Every once in a while you’ll learn to smile
No matter how hard I’ll stay calm at the aisle
Knowing you’re beside me I can be who I wanna be
This feeling inside as resilient as a tree
Heart break would just be a motivation factor
Something I will always look back to with deep honor

-orly oboza

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