Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008

My heart

If you cud only feel the rhythm of my heart
Then you would know my feelings from the start
The beat it follows will always be there
Beat that is worth listening even without flare

Listen to its melodious hymn and sound
In any other places it cannot be found
You can only hear it here inside me
Inside my heart that sings so free

This feeling is so strong and holds deep
It will last for a lifetime for me to keep
Even though I reach the death I succumb
The roots my heart will crate will dig down unfathomed

My love for you friend is no ordinary
The songs of the world my always very
Nature may scatter its colors rampantly
But this feeling will always be within me

Someone special… that will always be felt
I won’t trade you to any earthly wealth
For the friendship with you is just enough
And to break it will be so hard and tough

-orly oboza

*tulang katha noong katanghalian ng pagkakalalang ng may akda.

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