Biyernes, Abril 11, 2008

rare gift

My pen now slowly moves on a paper
While I am hoping that I’ll be wiser
It’s delicate but I’ll try some words to pamper
And create something a little bit nicer

It’s not enough to offer you the moon and all the stars
For I do believe it will only cause a lot of wars
Yet it is not timely to give diamond ring or gold bars
Neither something to ride on like the most gallant limousines

I think it’s more fit to give you my heart and soul
Though it’s not big in numbers at least it is a whole
You may not give it importance just like a black coal
But as you accept it may you realize my humble role

I want to be there for you when you cry
You can use my broad shoulders just give it a try
I like to be there for you when you’re upset and dry
You can throw anything even the oil you used to fry

I long to be there for you when no one seems to care
I’ll help you realize that the world is not unfair
You’ll notice I brought with me a smile for you to wear
And soon everybody will look at you and stare

I love to be there during your saddest moment
I’ll be like an angel that is heaven sent
I’m just a friend of you who’s willing to be bent
And risk my whole life for that is what my love is meant

-orly oboza

+*tulang katha noong katanghalian ng pagkakalalang ng may akda.

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