Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008


if there's no bridge that connects us close
i'll swim the sea from coast to coast
if there's no more dreams for you to live
i'll grab your hand and let you weave
if there's no more space for you to breathe
i'll offer you mine to finish your myth
if there's no love left there inside your bleeding heart
i'll touch it with caress and help you make a new start

if you open your eyes and does not see the scorching sun
don't worry cause i'll be near to hold your hand
if you speak your mind and no one seems to [listen and] care
just go on sharing your thoughts for i'll be there to mind your ware
but if your love one doesnt come when you need him most
dont try to turn to me and make me your loving host
you'll only hurt me deep if you'll use me as cover
to fill that hole within you and when he comes back
you'll say to me it's all over...

-orly oboza

*tulang katha noong katanghalian ng pagkakalalang ng may akda.

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