Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008

my offer for an angel

Only for a moment you were there...just there...
You suddenly disappear to a point of nowhere
That smile I see from your Angelic face
Just let me find this world a better place
Those gorgeous eyes of yours that suggest a lot
Bestows me a feeling of calmness no matter what
At times I felt youre like a falling star
You can be one good ground to stop a war
The voice you own so sweet and sober
Compares to a peaceful flow of water in a river
My world abruptly became a view of myriad colors
Every scene is a painting of undoubted honors
A canvas of poetry, of beauty, and of song
Timeless tale of love being offered all along
Definitely stunning everybody would agree
Am grateful for the magnificence that I now see
I believe its not enough to utter you words of praises
When will I able to cuddle you my lovely princess
How can someone resist your charming grin?
Full of enchantment and magic and glitter in between...

-orly oboza

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