Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008


I was left alone with no motion
My mind was in deep mystification
Like a calm sea with fleet of ice
Then something invisible to my eyes
Suddenly makes a very soft whisper
A murmur that echoes to my ear forever
“This time you were not wise!”
Tears are now within my weary eyes
The sight now dims and blurred
While my head turns and whirled
It was just so tender and mild
Yet it has an authority I abide
Guilt inside my soul slowly arise
Now its haunting me to pay the price
Then there were a memory flashed
Pictures of bloodstain rushed
The scene was something strange
A thing so unusual and out of range
But it brings a depth of unfathomed reach
A cut so deep that makes me weak
Now I know…
I’ll not be able to see them… like falling leaves
Not anymore…
Cause I myself… now leaves.

-orly oboza

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