Huwebes, Abril 10, 2008


i stil can recall the very day that we met
it was out of plan everything was not set
i feel so awkward about the very scene
my nerves wer still shaking underneath my skin
i just saw myself walking across the busy street
dancing cha-cha with the vehicles beating up the heat
if i could only fly just to reach you at once
but ihave to be patient and wait for my chance
you're really one in a million i must admit
the very girl i have been longing to meet
simple and timid a precious gem indeed
a princess whom i know will always be in lead
just remeber this words to youy i'll tell
in everything you're in i pray you do well
i'll always be here for you no matter what
"I LOVE YOU" more than the life i've got
i'm truly grateful to our Almighty Creator above
though i couldnt offer anything but the love i have
this dull life you hav painted with such a lovely hue
now i can do nothing but to appreciate the view
plese don't stay here just for this cold strife
come with me through all for the rest of life
but if you have decided to go and move away
it will bring tears for sure but i won't block your way

-orly oboza

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